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Nors Lietuvos ekonomika auga, skirtumai tarpaulin nedarbo lygio rodikli skirtingose apskrityse ilieka ryks. A apdovanojim epizodai apskries pasaul: atvyksta garsioji Globe eima. Presentation of own research. Conclusion I have shared previously that forks are an integral part of the decentralized money system, so they are not a thing to get worried or afraid about. The World Health Organization has distinguished two profiles divided according to personal characteristics to create a pattern of a suicide inmate: Profile 1: Pre-trial suicide in custody, usually young men 20—25 years , unmarried, first time in conflict with the law, arrested for minor offences, usually related to alcohol or drugs.

To my surprise, the very next day he contacted an old colleague who hospitably agreed to give me a tour of the building and also further explain the structure of this political body. That same day I made my way over to the Seimas conveniently located on the same street as the Ministry of Justice and after a security check and showing proper identification, I was given a badge and let into the building.

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Once inside I was greeted by Irma Leonaviciute, a woman who formerly worked at the Ministry of Justice in the Department of Registry under my director. For the last year Irma has been working for the Seimo Teises ir Teisėtvarkos Komitetas — a committee involved in analyzing and drawing conclusions of bills and amendments before they are formally discussed during a Seimas session.

She would be the one to lead me around the building and describe the order and schedule of what goes on in this political unit.

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She showed me the offices that she works with all along making connections and examples of similar American political positions or groups. Along the hallway walls hung headshots of former members of the Seimas.

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Periodically we would stop and talk about a familiar face or name. From the faces of political leaders she created a web of connections of people and their political involvement. She cited the transfer of political ideologies from different political party groups, and highlighted the political paths people took to gain their positions.

Having led me through the Seimas hallways we then made our way to different buildings and areas.

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We took a moment to stop at the old Seimas meeting room — a room which I remember seeing on television during the time of Lithuanian Independence in Irma mentioned that the current Lithuanian President: Dalia Grybauskaite, was also inaugurated in baigti online dating laišką hall a just few weeks ago.

We continued our tour and stopped again when passing an interesting above ground bridge that connects two of three Seimas buildings.

Irma said that the project to connect the two buildings became very controversial when construction went over budget. Personally she said that the bridge is very convenient to have especially during the winter months.

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Having crossed the pažintys vs hanging out, we ended up in the newer part of the Seimas complex. The offices where we had just come from were considerably more grey and drab than the brighter friendlier area we entered.

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Irma took me to an open area overlooking a front courtyard with tall stately iron gates. The foreign dignitaries are then led into the bright open room that we were standing in, and some type of formal greeting is given. This welcome room was nicknamed the baseinas or swimming pool for its open floor plan with a lower central portion prime for a meeting or concert.

It really did vaguely resemble a shallow swimming pool! Irma mentioned that this area always has artwork on display, unfortunately she rarely has time to see them all!

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We continued our tour through hallways and staircases, and ultimately ended up in the actual Seimas meeting area. Similar to what one would expect, the doors to the Seimas auditorium were closed and flat screen televisions resembled windows on the wall letting onlookers peak into what was going on inside. We opened the door and entered the second floor of the pažintys vs hanging out.

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A glass banister and half-wall was all the separated us from the actual meeting taking place on the first floor below. A wooden nutty monotone interior highlighted the large horizontally hanging Lithuanian flag at the crown of the assembly hall. There were distinct speaking voices with a constant hum of others talking and reacting Where we were standing on the second floor our eyes were met with a few rows of theatre style seats, and a group of mothers with their children intensely listening to the discussions down below.

We made our way around the curve of the second floor past five or six cameras and a group of casually dressed journalists to find a private section of seats to sit down in.

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We began to listen to the proceedings, and Irma began commenting on the members that were speaking and the party platforms they were representing. She also explained to me that the amendment they were discussing was a very important controversial topic.

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What was this controversial topic that journalists and even mothers with their children gathered for? The government provides this compensation from social security funds and uses these funds not only to help families maintain their standard of living and provide for their family, but also to stimulate population growth.

Now during the economic crisis that has hit the world, Lithuanians have been hit arguably harder than others. The bold economic growth Lithuania experienced in previous years provided more to loose during this current recession. Therefore, when government funds quickly began to dwindle with not enough money to handle all of the public funding it had promised, concessions needed to be made- thus the amendment to Motinystes Išmoka - Maternity Pay.

While the amendment to the maternity pay would only lesson the percentage of money given to new mothers, the amendment would undermine what was promised, which is why when we entered the auditorium we saw mothers and children in silently protesting against the amendment.

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I stayed with Irma well after work hours watching the debate take place. The Seimas members voted and re-voted different variations of the amendment, and on a large projected panel one could see the way every individual voted or chose not to vote. Conservatives and Liberals debated the notions of value and family versus reality and debt.

I left the Seimas that evening full of new insights and thoughts. I really appreciated the time and effort Irma Leonaviciute took to so patiently explain inside information I would have otherwise never received.

This trip to the Seimas also encouraged me to think pažintys vs hanging out social issues in the United States.

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