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These share a number of themes. Firstly, youth policy, exemplified by the Strategy for Youth highlights three key objectives: creating new opportunities for young people in education and employment; enabling young people s full participation in society and pažintys durham region ontario social exclusion and risk of exclusion for young people.

In turn, EU Education and Training policy, with the strategy ET emphasises the promotion of equity, social cohesion and active citizenship, targeting a reduction in the rate of early school leaving as a principle goal, but at the same time it emphasises the need to improve the quality and efficiency of education and training as well as supporting creativity and innovation.

Finally, in the EU strategy aimed at preparing the EU economy for the challenges of the next decade, and rescuing EU economies from recent recession and financial crisis, a range of flagship initiatives are proposed, several of which link improvements in the quality and performance of education systems with the deployment of ICTs, in order to improve the quality of education overall and create better employment opportunities for young people.

The demand for new classroom practices Against this policy background, a number of other factors are working to drive forward the use of new ICTs particularly social networking in teaching practice. First, there is the rise to prominence of the so-called new millennium learners NMLNML those born after are the first generation to grow up surrounded by digital media.

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Most of their activities with peer-to-peer communication and knowledge management and are mediated by new technologies. It is claimed that NML are hardwired to simultaneously utilize multiple types of web-based participatory media; they are technologically savvy, have grown up with the Web and are always-on ; they are adept with computers and creative with technology, and are highly skilled at multi-tasking.

The new learning skills acquired by 5 7 NMLs, it is argued, have changed cognitive patterns. NML do not think linearly and are less structured than previous generations. They gain knowledge by processing discontinued, non-linear information, which changes their learning styles. The emergence of this new generation of learners has co-incided with two other key processes: firstly, an increasing demand for the customization and pažintys durham region ontario of learning taking learning outside the classroom and making it always on tap, and creating a truly seamless lifelong learning infrastructure Atwell, Secondly, changes in the structure of the educational enterprise itself, making schools and other educational providers more receptive and response to customer-focused learning and to more flexible forms of provision.

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For teachers, the main effects anticipated as pažinčių svetainė rinkodaros kampanija result of this learning revolution svarstyklės moteris pažintys vyro in changing classroom roles and, consequently, in the resultant skills and competences teachers are expected to have.

There is a prevailing assumption now that teachers will need to acquire a whole new host of skills. Studies in the US and the UK, for example, suggest that teachers will need not only to improve their digital literacy, but will have to upskill in areas like motivational skills; teamworking; leadership, pedagogy and organisation Crook et al,as Figure 1 shows.

Key drivers affecting teachers classroom needs It is widely pažintys durham region ontario that Web 2. A recent study on this learning revolution carried out by the European Commission s Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, for example, Redeker, suggests that Web 2. The result, as illustrated in Figure 2, gives rise to new areas for innovation in learning, or pažintys durham region ontario.

The results show that, though a number of examples of classroom-based Learning 2. Development and implementation is uneven and fragmented.

Applications differ widely in scope, objectives and pedagogic pažintys durham region ontario technical design. These applications can be grouped into broad categories. Firstly, Web 2. An example is Le Mill which has almost 10, reusable learning content resources, 4, descriptions of teaching and learning methods, and one thousand descriptions of teaching and learning tools. A second category supports networking and on-line knowledge-sharing. A pažintys durham region ontario category covers the use of Web 2.

For example, Welker s Wikinomics is an online environment offers cooperation, communication and information spaces for students such as a blog and a wiki.

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Through using a blog, the teacher can provide real-life examples related to lessons learned in the classroom and the students are able to comment. The wiki enables students to collaboratively develop a subject-related information environment that supplements and in the future: replace textbooks.

Additionally, discussion forums are used as tools for communication between students. Most applications use a variety of Web 2. Blogs seem to be the most widely used, followed by Wikis and social networking technologies including Facebook and Bebo. Although little systematic evidence has been compiled of the effects of using these kinds of tools on teaching practices and learning outcomes, the picture beginning to emerge is one of Web 2.

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Conclusion Current EU policy, especially on youth, education and training, social inclusion and ICTs, is seen as providing opportunities for more widespread use of Web 2. As yet, the use of these tools is not extensive. They tend to be used for three main purposes: to create and share content for use in teaching; to network and exchange knowledge; to share content, knowledge and reflect on them in order to support professional development.

It is early days yet, and little systematic data exists on the impacts associated with the use of Web 2. However, some positive signs are beginning to emerge of improvements in both teaching practices and learning outcomes. An Indepth Study of Eight Learning 2.

A renewed open method of coordination to address youth challenges and opportunities. He is founder and Director of Arcola Research. He has led a number of large EU projects in e-learning, with a particular focus on inclusion issues, including working with offending prevention and offender rehabilitation. He has also co-ordinated a range of research and evaluation naujienos24 pažintys on pedagogy, informal learning and e-learning.

The school concept is based on the Dalton principle. This means that the education is based on three principles: 1 responsibility and accountability, 2 independence and reflection, and 3 relationship and collaboration.

In daily practice these principles are pažintys durham pažintys durham region ontario ontario into the following.

The objectives for 6 young students to 12 weeks older students are fixed through so called curriculum lines by the teachers in the different subjects. But the order of activities, pace and to some extent the way how to reach the objectives can be determined by the students themselves, in close agreement with the teacher. Many activities are based on collaboration with other students. Important are the reflection on the different activities and the results of the learning process in relation to collaborative and planning skills.

Four departments are housed in the main very modern building; the VP department is housed in a more informal housing. Two departments prepare for vmbo-t diplomas, one department has an emphasis on culture and arts, one department on economics and one department provides extra challenge for 10 12 students that are well performing in science.

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There are special facilities for young top sports men and women. Every department has its own head of department and its own team of some 40 teachers and educational assistants. Besides there is in every department one e-coach for the teachers, two counsellors for pupils, one educational co-ordinator, a personal coach for teachers.

There is one central ICT-coordinator and four other central co-ordinators. Key Issues for School Development On the basis of interviews with all personal, with the students parliament and with the council of parents five key issues for development of the education in the school were defined and elaborated on.

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These were: 1 revitalising the Dalton identity; 2 further development of pupils coaching and skills development in mentor groups; 3 improving the coherence between departments by common working gatherings; 4 further development of personal competences; 5 extending the use of ICT and setting up a system for international projects. On top of these key elements for school innovation we started debate in order to develop the School Plan The school faces some problems.

Bendras trasos ilgis — beveik kilometrų, tad geriau ją įveikti dalimis, pasirenkant trumpesnes atkarpas, kurias galima nužingsniuoti per kelias valandas.

Because of the growth of the number of students the internal division of classes over the departments was not well-balanced any more.

But this division over departments was well thought of and based on firm pedagogical starting points. So we could not debate on the organisational structure without discussing the pedagogical values shared among the personal.

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At the same pažintys gavo savo numerį the quantitative results in the highest secondary were below the national reference level. At the end of school year the new School Plan was ready and approved. The following elements are important: learners Further and advanced educational use, p. He was project manager of more than projects on ICT in education.

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He is process manager for integrating ICT in education on behalf of the Dutch government. In other words its task is to meet the learning demands that are not otherwise met in the prevailing education system.

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Online Upper Secondary School nettilukio in Finnish was established in bearing this task in mind. Online Upper Secondary School started with and has been following two key ideas ever since: openness and trust.

The school can be reached from any place in the world as the whole programme of upper secondary school can be studied online, from a distance.

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There are no terms or semesters and the academic year is the whole calendar year. All the courses are ceaselessly available online so that the students can pick any course any time.

Trust in the sense that no police forces or customs were established to control the students. Instead, the school wanted to trust its students.

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There are no exams in the school but the students have a lot of learning assignments that they do and the teachers give feedback on. The students also write learning logs. A portfolio that contains the learning assignments and the learning log provide the basis for the course assessment and the grade. No one is pushed there automatically from a local comprehensive school, for example.

The age scale of the students spans from 16 to ca They are mainly adults working full time and in various phases of life with various learning and studying capacities.

The student profiles include among others professional athletes 13 15 people working in shifts parents taking care of their small children at home entrepreneurs people living abroad people with health problems people with negative school history people living in sparsely populated areas From listening towards dialogue Thirteen years ago we started with thirteen students that studied quite independently. It was more about giving and receiving information and making the learning visible mainly by writing essays etc.

Now the students outnumber and we are on the way from listening to dialogue and collaboration. The general debate related to e-learning in Finland has mainly moved from talking about web2. Thus the focus has shifted from technology pažintys durham region ontario tools to people pažintys durham region ontario collaboration.

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Social media in itself is a bit challenging as a concept as pažintys durham region ontario is defined in various ways. One definition that is quite commonly used is formulated by Eija Kalliala and Tarmo Toikkanen.

In their book about Social Media in Education Kalliala ja Toikkanen, Sosiaalinen media opetuksessa, they define social media as a process in which individuals and groups construct collective meanings with the help of content, communities and web technologies. In this definition the individuals, working together and sharing are in focus, not the technologies. Also in this article and presentation the technologies are seen only as a means to an end.

As it has been said, without people, web2. Three settings to choose from In Online Upper Secondary School the students can choose between three ways to accomplish courses. Using a food metaphor, they can choose if they want to enter a buffet, an à la carte restaurant or the kitchen in order to learn to cook. Studying on this path is quite independent and sometimes lonely, too. Even if the studying is independent of point of time, the buffet offers no fast food as the learning always takes its time, no matter how flexible the frames.

Interaction is limited mainly between student and teacher skype, chat, e- mail etc.

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They begin and end on fixed dates.