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Almost without exception Lithuanian beer alus is light, crisp, cold, cheap and delicious. Many varieties exist and youre recommended to test a few before settling on a regular brand. Among the more common varieties are the magnificent vyturys from Klaipda, Utenos from Utena and Kalnapilis from Panevys.

Perhaps surprisingly, Vilnius cant claim its own brewery.

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If you want to drink beer made in the capital youll have to drink it in a microbrewery see Nightlife. Be warned, Lithuanian dating website true blood tend to be stronger than their Western counterparts, making the forming of the simplest words such as alus a challenge after just a couple of the most lethal.

In Old Town expect to pay somewhere in the region of 1. Lithuanian vodka degtin is cheap, generally of good quality and is drunk with gusto at the mere rumour of the dropping of a hat. Among the more interesting spirits are starka, a 15th-century Polish-Lithuanian concoction of dark, syrupy rye vodka fortified with apple leaves and lime blossom, and the local illicit firewater, samagonas, available through the right connections.

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Take note that imported alcohol isnt cheap. Dont go falling into the trap of thinking that because the local stuff is giveaway everything else is too. Check prices before a session to avoid an embarrassingly large bill at the end of the evening. At the time of writing it was illegal to buy alcohol in shops between and anywhere in Lithuania. Those arriving from other EU countries have no import restrictions placed upon them, although they will need to make it known if theyre arriving with more than 10, worth of cash.

When arriving from non-EU countries youre entitled to bring in one litre of spirits or four litres of wine or sixteen litres of beer.

Aukštos Kokybės? Filmo publika yra padalinta į dvi dalis. Lietuvių dublikatą Šiuo metu filmai dubliuojami daugelyje svetainių, o norintys žiūrėti subtitrus turi problemų. Daugelis dvigubų filmų internete yra gana aukšti. Padėkite mums padidinti bazę pridėdami jį.

If arriving by air you can bring cigarettes, cigarillos, 50 cigars or g of tobacco, a figure thats drastically reduced to 40 cigarettes, 20 cigarillos, 10 cigars or 50g of tobacco if arriving by any other means.

You cant bring meat, milk pažintys ukraina dienoraštis dairy products from outside the EU except under certain circumstances. You cant arrive with live birds other than dating website true blood for non-commercial purposes.

Dogs require vaccinations and passports or other proof of vaccination.

Filmai apie meile Romantiniai filmai paaugliams Malholando kelias Mulholland Drive, Genialumas slypi paprastume: beveik visas filmo veiksmas vyksta viename kambaryje. Filmas greitas, jame daug veiksmo, daug persekiojimo, daug smurto ir kraujo.

You can take home as much art as you wish tax free unless its over 50 years old, in which case expect to pay per cent duty. Take two photographs of the art piece and your passport to the Committee of Cultural Heritage, nipiki 3, tel.

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Many of the better antique shops in Vilnius can take care of all the paperwork for you. For more detailed information check www. EU membership and Schengen agreements have as good as removed all border formalities with Latvia and Poland, although getting in and out of Belarus and Kaliningrad remains a process wrapped up in red tape for holders of most passports.

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Visas for both can be obtained from the Belarusian and Russian embassies in Vilnius, as well as from a few travel agencies. Note, however, that short-term visas for Kaliningrad are now available if you arrive in the exclave by air. For more information about getting in and out of Lithuania, see the website at www. It is not an exaggeration to say that Lithuania is one of the safest countries to visit in Europe.

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While petty crime - mainly in the form of pickpocketing - is as big a problem in this country as anywhere else in the world, violent crime is almost unheard of.

Even late at night you will not usually be presented with any potential threats whilst walking around city centres, and this goes for single women as much as for large groups of lads.

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That said, you do need to keep your wits about you, and be sure that if you go looking for trouble you might well find it. Keep your valuables close to hand, particularly on busy buses and trolleybuses, and do not leave coats and handbags unattended in bars, pubs and clubs. Even places that claim to be wheelchair friendly can often be flanked by deep kerbs or stairs, or are located on cobbled streets.

Outside the capital, youll be lucky to find any thought given to wheelchair accessibility at all.

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On the positive side, however, it is worth noting that newer trolleybuses in Vilnius have low entry platforms, spaces for wheelchairs and hearing loops. The basic rules of the Lithuanian roads are as follows: seat belts are compulsory for all both driver and passengersand headlights must be used at dating website true blood times of day or night. All vehicles must be fitted with a small fire-extinguisher and first aid kit, and you will need to have your driving license and vehicle registration papers with you at all times.

The speed limit around town is 50kph unless otherwise indicated. Elsewhere you can drive at 90kph on main roads, 70kph on unpaved roads.

Note that on the countrys highways the usual speed limit of kph is reduced to kph during the winter. Electricity Lovely Lithuanian domestic electricity flows out the walls at V, AC 50Hz, and nearly all sockets are of the round twopin European variety.

Some thinner Russian sockets still exist, although if you push hard enough you should get the plug in.

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Travellers from non-socket-friendly societies should bring an appropriate adaptor, as theyre almost impossible to find in Lithuania.