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Basanavičiaus g. Reikmenys briliantams ir brangakmeniams. Gaminio sudėtyje yra kosmetikos gaminiuose draudžiama medžiaga boric acid pagal Reglamento EB Nr. Vadovaudamasis Lietuvos Respublikos produktų saugos įstatymo 14, 16, 17 str.

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The sales of the company for period January - October amounted to IV ketvirčio pardavimų ataskaita m. Notification on transactions in the issuer's securities The company has received notifications about transactions in the issuer's securities.

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Taking into consideration the above, the customers will independently make their decisions on the bond buying or selling. The firm quotes of those bonds published by the bank on each business day and bank will execute transactions for the price valid at the time of publication of the quotation.

Quotes of other bond published on each banking day are indicative and are valid until the end of the business day for orders not exceeding EURHowever, korėjos dating website any case, the banks published bond price applies only to the amount of bonds the bank holds you can find out more details by contacting your manager.

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If the order submitted before the publishing of the quotation price for that business day, the order will be executed only after the bank publish the quoted price of the day.

The bank would like to notify that foreign issuer bonds are not registered with the Bank of Lithuania, therefore such bond issuers are not obligated to provide information to Lithuanian investors, as required in accordance with the acts of law of the Republic of Lithuania. Taking into consideration the above, the risk exists that the customers, who buy the bonds, will not be timely informed about material events related to the issuers of such securities and about the securities issued by them.

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Customers may also give orders to SEB Bank to buy or sell foreign government bonds or corporate bonds, other than those specified in this page.