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Hasnatą, ir aš tiesiog nemanau, kad ji galėjo tai greitai perimti. Pastatytas XVII a. Yra apie 20 tūkstančių daiktų, kuriuos atlieka amatininkai iš visų Indijos dalių. Idomu tai, kad po sios patirties tahidardija ramiai isejo ir mano gyvenimo, o mirtis is to baisaus isivaizdavimo tapo mano mokytoju.

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The day to day work of a PAL is to support and mentor participants to help them in achieving their award. Review Participant Activities In reviewing activities with your participant, there is no set syllabus or common standard to achieve, but rather a personal goal to set.

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Participants should choose activities that interest them and are suitable to complete over a period of time in line with the level of the Award. PALs can guide and help participants to find suitable adults who are knowledgeable and experienced in the pažintys kambarys lahore activity and who will supervise or support the doing of that activity. Help Participants to Register Explaining the award to potential participants, how to apply, checking that they have a valid email address for the online systemand downloading the record card.

If you choose for them to pay you, you should create an invoice which you can pay online or send the payment and invoice reference to Gaisce.

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Guide and Continually Review Participants As a PAL you should arrange to meet your participants fairly regularly to check their progress and any difficulties they might be having.

Without your continued support it could be easy for a participant to get discouraged and might give up.

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Guide and Supervise Participants in Planning and Completing the Adventure Section During your regular meetings you could begin discussing and planning the adventure journey. If you have interneto pažinčiųjų pralaimėtojai group of participants, you might schedule this as a group discussion.

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Review and Approve the Participant for their Award Check that all the activities have been carried out as agreed and the record card has all the required signatures. Once you are satisfied that your participant has achieved their challenge you may approve them to receive their award.

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