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The work has been published in and it took almost half of a century for a new one to be created by Friedrich Mager Mager Kokia mūsų paskirtis? Svarbiausios socialinės psichologijos tezės Kokios yra svarbiausios socialinės psichologijos išvados - ją aprėpiančios temos? Martinas Kirnbaueris, pavyzdžiui, nurodo, jog pedagoginiam darbui samdomų liutnininkų honoraras priklausė nuo išmokytų intavoliacijų kiekio; vienas iš italų liutnininko Vincenzo Capirola os mokinių Viadala gimimo ir mirties datos nežinomos mokytojo tabulatūros įžangoje įrašė griežtą draudimą platinti jam sukurtų tad paties apmokėtų kūrinių intavoliacijas Kirnbauer, , p.

UP TO A. It ought to be presented again, since last essays about this subject originate from before the Second World War. Those subjects cannot be properly described without referring to written administration sources.


Also organization of the Church on Curonian Spit will be presented, as it will contribute greatly to final conclusions. It is not a widespread subject of scholarship nowadays and it is also hardly known in Poland. Derėtų dar kartą atlikti šios tematikos analizę, nes paskutiniai darbai šia tema yra skelbti dar prieš Antrąjį pasaulinį karą.

Karinės infrastruktūros sąvoką šiame aprašyme reikia suprasti kaip pilių geografinį išsidėstymą ir visas su tuo susijusias problemas.

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Kartu tai yra ir ekonominės bei socialinės struktūros dvarai, stovyklavietės vok. Ordino administracijos ir religinės veiklos problemomis.

Nina Gerasimova-Persidskaja Ukrainos nacionalinë P.

Šis darbas neapima pasirinktos tematikos lietuvių mokslininkų tyrimų, išskyrus neseniai publikuotą Nijolės Strakauskaitės darbą apie Kuršių nerijąkuris tiria kitus Kuršių nerijos istorijos aspektus. Be to, reikia pabrėžti, kad ši teritorija nėra dažnai minima šių laikų Lenkijos istorikų darbuose.

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Straipsnis šiek tiek užpildo šią spragą ir aprašo viduramžių laikų Kuršių neriją ir jos panašumus su Vyslos delta ir Helio pusiasaliu.

Most of the works used in this article refer to historians, who had their interest in the Spit in XIXth and XXth century up to The work has been published in and it took almost half of a century for a new one to be created by Friedrich Mager Mager Karinė istorija, archeologija, etnologija.

First of them was written by G. Hoffheinz Hoffheinz This work started scientific discussion about the subject Beckherrn ; Siegmund This subject has been later continued and extended by Kurt Forstreuter Kenny baumann pažintys His conclusions are respected in science society nowadays.

Next work, though earlier than the cited articles and which has a minor impact on this work, is J. Also an identification of Prussian language in topographic and settlement places has been used here as it is necessary [R. In Otto Kleemann published an article about depths and breakthroughs in Curonian Spit as well as the location of Wiskiauten Kleemann Some of his conclusions are mentioned here. Another works are about archeology.

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It is necessary to present them here. First of them was a summary of archeological sites in Samland done by Emil Hollack Hollack This work has been later used and continued by Carl Engel Engel Due to conflict about the Spit between the bishop of Samland and Teutonic Order in XIVth century also a work regarding to this problem ought to be used, which was written by F.

Rediger Rediger ; also: Długokęcki Works about administration of TO state has been also continued by P. Thielen Thielen and J. Sarnowsky Sarnowsky This work also uses geographic summary maps made by Hans and Gertrud Mortensen Historisch-geographischer Main purpose of used documentaries is to control the aforementioned historians and to correct their errors but new conclusions have been given where possible Codex diplomaticus Economic sources from different Teutonic offices have been used in the same way Das Marienburger Peter von Dusburg chronicle is also available in Polish language version Dusburg Bishops kenny baumann pažintys Samland Visitation Records A.

Unused information have been extracted and show the settlements as well as functionality of the postal road Liv- Esth- und Curlandisches Some of the documents, that show various aspects of organization of infrastructure on the Kenny baumann pažintys only Klaipeda regionhave been used by Willoweit Regesta historico D… On contrary to published sources also one written has been used.

It is dated on There is no need to use other maps, because most of them, which are needed to show this subject, have been already presented in the literature. Historical background Curonian Spit was a point of strategic significance to the Order because it was kenny baumann pažintys only land connection with from Samland through Kurland to Livonia In the winter, when waters frozen uncontrolled and mostly safe passages kenny baumann pažintys every location around the Curonian Lagoon were enabled Prekop Christianization has been a major cause, but also political and economic factors were important.

The only possible connection in that time has been possible through the Baltic Sea. When Sambia has been eventually conquered, and the last Prussians in Powunden and Laptau regions were slain in a free access to the Spit was possible.

The first comers were a pugnacious bunch of Arabic-speaking arquebusier-hillsmen from Estramadura, w For Christmas my wife gave me a book called cracked lips corner The Rainborowes, by Adrian Tinniswood. It s a collective biography of a remarkable family of Puritan mariners cracked lips corner and soldiers, turned politicians and revolutionaries, who straddled the Atlantic world of the mid-seventeenth century, with one foot in Wapping and the other in Massachusetts. But what particularly interested me and the reason my wife bought the book for me is the expedition led against Salé by Captain William Rainborough into deal with the pirates of Salé the Sallee Rovers — who were damaging English trade in the Mediterranean, and attacking the English coast.

Teutonic Knights gained a fast link to Memel Klaipeda as well because this fort has been found in A. Livonian settlement had a strategic role with perspectives to become a local trade emporium Willoweit nn 2. Military situation has been unclear however, because Klaipeda was razed soon after its founding. Mutiny of Prussian tribes has been eventually broken in A.

No signs of normalization were even in A. Despite this lack of activity Lithuanians organized geležinis žmogus viena antklodė kenny baumann pažintys action through Curonian Spit on Samland and they left without troubles Dusburg, Petri Peter von Dusburg could have passed on this subject as exposing losses of the Order was not the purpose of his work.

During further fights Klaipeda has been destroyed in and A. Willoweit The war ended in two years later and it enabled a military infrastructure development action before the next conflict arises Prekop 2 He sees the economic factors of founding this city.

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Military factors are shown by: Prekop Difference kenny baumann pažintys from the subject of their scholarship. Kenny baumann pažintys set their forces to Samland in order to strengthen the anti-Teutonic uprising Prekop The period of unsafe peace on the Lithuanian border between A.

In A. Livonians gave the control over Klaipeda to the Order. The main purpose was to get rid of financial problems, which were connected with the ongoing rebuilds after destructions Willoweit 47n. On the other hand Teutonic Order has been involved more in eastern policy, as TO was then in possession of one the most strategic ports in the region.

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Samogitians, who were allied with Lithuanians, inhabited lands near Klaipeda. Further events prove this thesis, as Klaipeda has been destroyed several times during Teutonic-Lithuanian conflicts about the territory of Samogitia in,only outskirts and in A.

Willoweit, 5. The city itself has been destroyed in A. Those aforementioned damages up to A. Highest expenditures are proved for the years and they fall constantly to A. Soon after the wars between the opponents ended in A.

Historians see this fall of military position when the peace treaty near Lake Melno in A. Teutonic Order promised in it to leave its claims to Samogitia. After that knights never organized a full scale action in that region, as they had to tackle with the economic crisis.

Rossitten is mentioned there as a stopping point on the road to Windenburg.

In the beginning historians were critical towards a castle on the Spit itself like Max Toeppen Toeppen and G. Hoffheinz Hoffheinz nn. They opted for a location near Cranz, but first of them made a fast revision of his model and started to say that there was a castle in Rossitten, which has been located kilometers to the north, so near Pillkoppen Toeppen Bender also believed that there was a castle on the Spit, but he went even more and believed that this structure has been a residence of the bishop of Samland Bender It was Bezzenberger, who turned the attention towards the name of Pillkoppen on the Spit and also tried to connect it with Hennebergers hints.

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This XVIth century historian and mapmaker located the castle there, however Bezzenberger was skeptical towards this statement Bezzenberger n, n. He still believed that the castle stood near the Spit Bezzenberger In Carl Beckherrn returned to Hoffheinz statements and corrected his errors Beckherrn Lithuanians troops razed the city and killed the inhabitants Willoweit 50n, kenny baumann pažintys Forstreuter was the first to believe that the castle stood near Cranz, as historical records indicate, but its origins were in his eyes near Pillkoppen Forstreuter So the castle ought to be translocated.

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Mager used this idea as well. All he added to the subject was weak that infrastructure lead to translocation, he also indicated that the soil near Pillkoppen contains almost no clay needed to build the castle Mager There is only one historian, who like Toeppen believes, without giving any reasons that the castle stood from the beginning in Rossitten Prekop Hoffheinz used two documents from and A. That forced Beckherrn to correct Hoffheinz Beckherrn nwho located the castle on the ruins not near them.

UP TO A. It ought to be presented again, since last essays about this subject originate from before the Second World War. Those subjects cannot be properly described without referring to written administration sources. Also organization of the Church on Curonian Spit will be presented, as it will contribute greatly to final conclusions.

He also indicated that the border ended on that island because in A. We can see those shore changes on Henneberger and Shroetter maps. There is one detail, which allows us to think that this statement is true. It stood in Cranz in A. Not only Teutonic Order wanted to have a castle in that place. Bishop of Samland wanted to build a castle of a similar name in A.

An inn has been also pažintys svetainių kūrimas in location document.